Hustle Fatigue


Hustle Fatigue

A couple of years ago I converted my Facebook profile to a Page. Little did I know that would become a trend for some. A profile is what everyone has, where you see others in your feed. Pages don't have feeds. It is simply an outlet for posting one way. It wasn't narcissism that drove me to the decision. It was the fatigue I was beginning to encounter. Fatigue from divisive opinion, passive aggressiveness, and the desire to hustle on the socials.

We are being affected by what we hear, see, and project whether we know it or not. The subversive affects of our unsustainable pace and noise will be crippling. Now that I have curated my Twitter and Instagram feeds, I can exhale with a level of gratitude and peace.

Our fatigue can effect everything.

Mental and emotional instability is at an all time high. Let's be attentive to the erosion and warning signs while tending to our self-care. We will find empathy, patience, and some peace again. Our mental, emotional, and physical posturing is incredibly important.

We would do well to be cautious of our fatigue. It can lead us to unlikely places - Having less compassion, and peace can be detrimental to our health, not just mental and emotional health, but relational This is already of problem in the church. When we lose our empathy, compassion, and peace, we lose our bearings on how to navigate trauma or turbulence in life, not to mention being enabled to help others navigate trauma or turbulence.

Here is what is happening because of lessening my consumption of the socials (especially Facebook):

  • Seek opportunity to speak with people in person.
  • Ponder and reflecting with minimal reaction.
  • Meditate and pray rather than simply defaulting to worry.
  • Read more.
  • Listen more.
  • Speak less.

One of the most important aspects I would acknowledge during these days would be that I spend more time with others different than me. I spend time with Republicans, Independents, Green Party, Libertarians, and Democrats. Perspective is understated today. I am seeking to understand more than feel the need to be understood. I beleive that the more we open our minds, arms, and tables the more we actually solidify our worldview. Your worldview should be subject to challenge to be found worthy. If it is shaken easily, it may need reforming. Maybe that comes with my age, or general fatigue of having 3 children, schedule, M.A. studies, or the life that comes with being a priest.

I don't tend to waste time grudging through false news or misinformed / biased arguments.

At the expense of coming off as an old curmudgeon, for the record, the word hustle isn't simply a cool street slang term for grinding / working. It's root is in criminal activity. I do understand the need for motivation and drive. I really do. Maybe we just need to reframe how we view our work ethic.

We are in new days, and we need new light in our lives. I believe we need to be new light to the world of darkness that we combat. We are better together. Curate the relationships closest to you. There may be some that need not be resuscitated. Honor those relationships by letting them go. Fight for those worth fighting for.

Over the past few years, I've come to terms with the idea of being unfollowed, unfriended, or unsubscribed from. It's not the end. It actually helps you to re-begin. As a "Five" (with a strong Four wing), I am sometimes slow to be aware of these relational tension and even slower to be affected by them, but nonetheless must realize that hustle fatigue comes in many forms.

Christ spoke of peace often. Pray for peace, work for peace, be peace, and share peace with everyone you meet.


Disturb Us, Lord


Disturb Us, Lord

As we begin Lent, Disturb Us, Lord

Disturb us, Lord, when We are too well pleased with ourselves, When our dreams have come true Because we have dreamed too little, When we arrived safely Because we sailed too close to the shore.

Disturb us, Lord, when With the abundance of things we possess We have lost our thirst For the waters of life; Having fallen in love with life, We have ceased to dream of eternity And in our efforts to build a new earth, We have allowed our vision Of the new Heaven to dim.

Disturb us, Lord, to dare more boldly, To venture on wider seas Where storms will show your mastery; Where losing sight of land, We shall find the stars.

We ask You to push back The horizons of our hopes; And to push into the future In strength, courage, hope, and love.

  • Attributed to Sir Francis Drake, c. 1577