I am compelled to enable, encourage, mentor, develop artists, prophets, and poets. We bring a vibrant influence to the Church, Culture, and History. Art enables space for inspiration, healing, and hope where mere words fall short.

The artists, prophets, and poets yield an influence that must be honed, cultivated, and matured. An environment of enablement, encouragement, and loving formation is the proper type of soil rich with luminous nourishment. This nutrition propels the most inspired creativity in conveying, illuminating, and revealing the Creator.

I also speak regularly on topics like:

  • Sacred environments 
  • Spiritual formation, liturgy, and worship leading
  • Cultivating healthy volunteer cultures
  • Social and cultural  impact of art, spirituality, movements, and initiatives
  • Communication: Music, Message, and Collaboration
  • How our contemplative need for spiritual centeredness, peace, and creative energy effects everything
  • Worship leaders should and can be illuminators of Scripture, not simply musicians.


What to expect if you work with me:

Preparation: My team and I will do our homework in addition to the details you give us for your event. My further education, research, and experiences continue to build and grow our resources, connections, and insight.  Expect depth, encouragement, and a bit of humor with a conversational / relational delivery.

Flexibility: I will prepare to provide custom content to your specific event within our agreement and my wheelhouse.

Simplicity: We have worked hard to simplify efforts. The agreements, fees, and arrangements are simple and customized to assist you.

Partnership: I consider any form of booking a partnership. Once events are confirmed, you can consider me on your team. I will promote on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) as well as e-mail communications.



Chad is one of the most profound spiritual leaders I’ve ever met. He is thoughtful, caring, and imaginative in the way he brings people together and challenges them to grow. I can’t help but think more when I’m around him.
— Jeff Goins, author and blogger