I appreciate your interest in working with me.

I am available for a limited amount of coaching and consulting appointments. I can do these via Skype, phone, or in-person.

I have experience and insight to advise you or your team in the following subject areas:

-Church / Organizational Staff Care

-Personal / Collective Direction

-Cultivating Creative Community

-Creative Innovation

-Enneagram Personality Assessment and Implementation

Regardless of the area, my hope is to assist you in finding potential growth, traction, and perspective while achieving maxium opportunity for further sustainiblity and culture care.

What to expect if you work with me:

Preparation: I will do my homework in addition to the details you give us for your event. My further education, research, and experiences continue to build and grow resources, connections, and insight. I will prepare to provide custom content to your specific context within our agreement. Expect depth, encouragement, and a bit of humor with a conversational / relational delivery.

Simplicity: We have worked hard to simplify our efforts. Expectations will be detailed, forthcoming, simple, and clear. The agreements, fees, and rider arrangements are simple and customized to assist you.

Partnership: I consider any form of booking a partnership. Once our arrangements are confirmed, you can consider me on your team. 

Chad Jarnagin is making a meaningful contribution to the growing conversation surrounding culture, the arts, and Christian spirituality. His voice is wise and important.
— Ian Morgan Cron, author, speaker, Episcopal priest, psychotherapist, and retreat guide